Eddie Hart All In One Foundation

Education Guidance

  • Help youth pursue their higher education/trade school goals
  • Provide Financial Aid Resources
  • Show students how to find answers they need to map out their educational future

Mutivation Youth Services

Created By: Robert "Smoov Flava" Bryant (Music Producer, Writer & Singer)
  • Motivate youth through music
  • Teach youngsters how produce music from the beginning of the process to the end
  • Provide information about the music industry

Behavioral Modification

  • Provide helpful ways for youth to use their energy in a positive way
  • Supply parents with resources to create positive relationship with their children
  • Provide methods to ensure student becomes a responsible citizen of society

Olympian Thinking

Created By: Marilyn King(1972 & 1976 Olympian)
  • Develop a "Success Map" based on the students personal goals in life
  • Assist youth in attaining their personal life goals
  • Find resources that would be useful for the student

Student Athletes Video Profile

Service Provided by: Top Performance
  • Increase the chances of a student going to college
  • Raise the student athletes viability, larger college program will see them in action
  • Set Student athletes apart from the rest of the other students applying