It’s very important to look at the future at an early age.  I say that to say this.  I knew at the age of 10 years old that I wanted to go to the Olympics.  Therefore, I needed to start preparing immediately.  Not only prepare myself physical but more importantly mentally, because I knew track and field was a amateur sport and I wouldn’t be able to support me or my family running. The EHAIOF is here to provide physical and mental training to prepare our youth for the future.

The Eddie Hart All In One Foundation ( 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization) is here to help our youth.  We want to let them know that the Gold is attainable with hard work and dedication.  In order for this to come to fruition, we are seeking your help through your donations. (All donations are tax deductible, EIN 90-0102889 ).  We are thanking you in advance for your help in accomplishing these goals.  Your charitable donations can be sent to:


Eddie Hart All In One Foundation

640 Bailey Rd. #170

Pittsburg, CA  94565


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Why you should make a donation?



You have the opportunity to do something that otherwise may never happen. By supporting the Eddie Hart All In One Foundation, you are helping the youth of our community to grow and develop their skills to be viable members of society. Giving the youth this chance to be mentored by Olympic Athletes, World Record Holders, Educators and various leaders of the community is a life changing opportunity. You can make it happen.



By becoming a sponsor you will be joining with other businesses, individuals, and Olympians (the best of the best) to improve the lives of our youth. You will receive recognition in many ways, including advertisement, promotional material and signage at our events. The community at large with know that you are an important part of out youth becoming successful.



The Eddie Hart All In One Foundation is non-profit organization and all of your donation is totally tax-deductible. Companies or individuals will have the advantage of deducting their donation, while sharing center stage with the Olympians and our youth.




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Thank You for your Generosity!!!



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