Party With A Cause: Respect

Since our concert, Yung Starz 2006 Summer Jump Off the youth have been constantly requesting that we have another entertainment event for them. The Eddie Hart All In One Foundation is always searching for creative ways to address difficult issues especially those pertaining to the youth. One major issue facing our community is juvenile crime and violence. We decided that a fun event would be great way to curve the violence among our youth. The EHAIOF always has two elements as part of all of our entertainment events, a fun atmosphere and a great security presence.


The EHAIOF wanted to put together an event where the youth could not only have fun but learn something about RESPECT. We as an organization always look for ways to partner with other organization in the community. The Party with a Cause: RESPECT event was co-sponsored by the East County Boys & girls Club. Other organizations like the Pittsburg High Girls Basketball Parent Boosters Club, the Wooly Mammoths, and citizens of the community stepped up to ensure that the event was success. The event was hosted by Atlantic Records Rap Star Mistah Fab, he provided not only celebrity but insight to the importance of respect and education.


Once we had this event planned we anticipated 150 kids would participate, as a result of it being our first party we have thrown. Unfortunately, prior to this event the week prior there were shooting and acts of violence committed among our youth. The turn out was overwhelming we had an astounding 450 plus you in attendance. It was a complete success and hit with the youth. The Pittsburg “Finest” Police Officers were on hand to as a precaution but once again we didn’t have once incident, before, during, and after up until 2 hours after the event let out. As result of the success of the event we are planning to continue having events like these for our teenagers to have a safe and fun environment to be themselves, and keep off of the streets at night.


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